Court debt proceedings

Court debt proceedings (including lease committee, labour dispute committee) includes:

  • Compiling a statement of claim or application and submitting it to the court (or some other institution);
  • Compiling replies and statements;
  • Participating in a hearing;
  • Giving feedback to the client’s inquiries.

As a rule, at least one reply has to be compiled in court proceedings.

A court session does not always incur with every judicial proceeding. The court can resolve the issue in a simplified procedure with no court session, following the conditions established by the law. In labour dispute committee or lease committee, the issue shall be discussed at a hearing.

Price list for court debt proceedings:

Compiling a statement of claim/application from EUR 250
Compiling an additional reply from EUR 150
Participating in a hearing (depends on the location) from EUR 150


When submitting a statement of claim to the court, you need to pay state fee. The amount of the state fee depends on the claim (debt) amount. Submitting an application to lease committee or labour dispute committee is exempt from state fees.

In case of a positive judgement, all costs incurring with extrajudicial and court proceedings can be possibly left for the debtor. However, to start the proceedings, the client must first bear the costs.