Real estate law

We counsel clients in areas related to immovable properties that are related to acquiring, using as well as mediating an immovable property; we also compile the following contracts and documents:

  • lease contracts for dwellings, business premises, and non-residential premises;
  • commercial lease contracts;
  • delivery/receipt acts of properties;
  • rent increase notices;
  • warnings about contract termination;
  • declaration of cancellation of a lease or commercial lease contract;
  • applications for offsetting a deposit;
  • agreements about contract termination;
  • contracts of loan for use;
  • brokerage contracts for mediating an immovable property;
  • reservation contracts for reserving an immovable property;
  • notifications about a property’s non-conformity with the contract terms and conditions;
  • applications to the court to terminate a common ownership;
  • applications to the court about the reclamation of an immovable property from illegal possession.

In addition, we solve all disputes arising from contracts, including disputes arising from a sales contract upon the emergence of hidden defects. We explain the principles of taxing an immovable property for incomes arising from both sale and lease.